IMGP8801 IMGP8822 IMGP8828 IMGP8839 IMGP8846 IMGP8872 IMGP8874 IMGP8918 IMGP8920 IMGP8922 IMGP8933 IMGP8934 IMGP8940


10269407_1539022036369736_7779280506366948605_n 10403216_1020518854628522_8510187605904581418_n 10408802_785928088110013_5962354973540296313_n 10426336_10153078409994185_2342633388915246074_n 10426336_10155091113595494_8718394998441358340_n

Autopilot 170115

Another busy day at AUTOPILOT, We have talk by Brian Curtin a portfolio and cv preparation guidelines for artist.
I prepared a space with Nol and accidentally a walk panel fell and we got hurt a bit. Museum staffs came to help us.

Pam works on her unconscious photograph works and Leo sketch his mural.

Kookai and May hosted Openspace reception.
We rearrange Autopilot area back.
I try to find a solution for Leo and Oksa work at Autopilot, unfortunately my ambition forfeited to the building restrictions.
and Museum try to limited our working hour to 2am.
and our parking ticket problem are foever there and lighting request will never be fulfilled.

we found a place for Leo and Oksa to stay. At Soi 2 is a small nice hotel in Rongmeung 2 it’s only 600thb/night.
IMG_3988 IMG_3991 IMGP8172 IMGP8174 IMGP8182 IMGP8192 IMGP8198 IMGP8199 IMGP8202 IMGP8205 IMGP8207 IMGP8208 IMGP8209 IMGP8210 IMGP8211 IMGP8212

2 weeks to go

Exhibition will end in 2 weeks.

What lies ahead I’m already foresee. I could make a choice to leave it and relax or push it to the max and wrestling with whatever bounce back at me.

So far I have learn many thing from this exhibition the backbone of working and creating exhibition with institution in Bangkok. Every drop of my sweat I regain more experiences and mana where this special wisdom would strengthen my gut. I will always remember my team who always support me and thanks them deep from my heart.

Autopilot 160115


Today I got a call from Kookai, Tunn locker had a problem. her lock password was change to 0000 and she couldn’t open her locker. I really have no idea who did it. so the solution is Tunn and Jo (bf) bought a metal saw to saw the lock. Jo was quite upset with the situation. After the lock open nothing got stolen. so they change to new lock with key.


Today Third Sound had their sound performance today. They came since 2pm and prepare it til 7pm. They suppose to start at 6pm. I left around 7pm a few minutes after they start. I saw from their Facebook their young colleagues installed more works in the space.


I got a call from Leo and Oksa, They got chase out by Museum staff (Ken) the reason is they trying to sleep at Autopilot and I didn’t inform Ken and Go before so Leo and Oksa got kicked out of the museum and told to find a place to stay near by. I called Ken and he said we’ll talk tomorrow. I felt sorry for Russian guests.

2 cans of Beer got stolen. and problem with Tunn locker also Moneyfaketory lose 100bath. We need to be more careful about our valuable stuffs. They are checking at our things now. we must beware.

IMGP8131 IMGP8132 IMGP8135 IMGP8136 IMGP8139 IMGP8143 IMGP8161

Autopilot 150115


So Today as usual. Artists come to update their works and interact with audiences. Curator visit me and talk about problem and situation.

museum staffs came to test Shinya works. I really wonder what are they doing everyday I mean they seem to sit at the front and play computer and kind of observe and spying what going on in my project. hrr.. IMGP8107 IMGP8109 IMGP8112 IMGP8117 IMGP8118 IMGP8119 IMGP8126 IMGP8129

Autopilot 140115

Writing and drawing on the wall causing Museum staffs and security crazy everything they see audiences doodling their dream. They let kids drew all over museum wall on last saturday children day.


We had a meeting as usual but only a few came to the meeting. Leo from Russia join our meeting. we had fun talking and update their works and ideas.

Museum finally print out activities schedule 2 weeks before the exhibition finish. I’m about to cry. but still no sign of pamphlet. but I already print it our myself.


IMGP8070 IMGP8075 IMGP8078 IMGP8081 IMGP8084 IMGP8087 IMGP8089 IMGP8090 IMGP8091 IMGP8092 IMGP8098 IMGP8100 IMGP8104 IMGP8106

Autopilot 130115


Shinya success in making an interactive sound with Randel’s bell and Patt’s dog painting. IMGP8019 IMGP8020 IMGP8018 IMGP8017 IMGP8016 IMGP8015 IMGP8014

Autopilot 120115

I just come here to take photo when nobody is here.Untitled_Panorama1 copy 2IMGP8001 IMGP8002 IMGP8003 IMGP8004 IMGP8005 IMGP8006 IMGP8007 IMGP8011

Autopilot 110115

We just checking things after the opening and children day yesterday. We checked the trace of yesterday events. I saw a lot of details work progress. It’s interesting how artists live together in such a chaos space. how do we live in a organised unorganise situation.IMGP7977 IMGP7978 IMGP7979 IMGP7980 IMGP7981 IMGP7982 IMGP7983 IMGP7984 IMGP7985 IMGP7986 IMGP7987 IMGP7988 IMGP7989