I started the year knowing 2022 will be tough, since 2020 and 2021, I have no jobs

I got a chance to help create a neuroscience exhibition at Chula hospital with Prof. Chaipat and Prof. Sirawaj, we created almost 10 stations with very little budget, only for a few hours only, It was really fun and try to make all devices work.

I want to improve the task division for the teams and do better pr.
It was great fun to learn about the bug in our brain, that cause the illusion, a mysterious phenomenon. And my quest to learn about the brain, mind and memory will be going forever I think, I such a slow learner.

February – March

I perform Dance Offering with Kade in Singapore, it was quite tough for me to handle the system, being a host and control the sound, vr system and all the queue has to be perfect, Ming still inexperience in handling the performance, he will get better,

I handle 3 round of performance, the first one was good, the second and third was not so good, some missing queues, my hosting wasn’t deliver enough energy to the audiences.

I want to do live projection mapping on the body while moving, still not accomplish

I support others at the cost of myself.


I got covid and I was rushing to make work for Pichet, 59 models, 3d mapping, workshops and animation. It was very tough for me. I wasn’t understand the 6 elements enough to create work for him. So I kinda fail.

I was also preparing a brain dance project when I have time and prepare for exhibition at JWD and prepare to move house for house renovation. Very hectic and crazy.

I think my mental was at the brink of breaking

I had opening at Noble for Pichet and Jwd for my own work


I help create a dance piece using brainwave of the dancer to show the shifting brain indifferent state of dance, routine, improvisation, resting and motor imaginery

Visually we make it presentable but not excellent, I wish I could make 2nd iteration more refine in term of the real time brainwave visualization and sonification, which is very challenge to get the technical right with the limited processing resources.


Before all the fun start, it was a nightmare to move all our hoarded stuffs to new place for our house renovation. It was a real nightmare to rush it, I failed to work on details with designer and contractor, but I really have little energy. My body was so weak, I was so stress, I couldn’t sleep

I also fail help prepare exhibition for Mick at Tiang, I hope the staffs will be more professional in handling the exhibition but they aren’t, I shouldn’t have take this unpaid project, I just hope that this chance will open door to help other artists but it was too much for me.

Another milestone for me is to work with Pakpoom to host 7 artists a month residency at Naresuan University, I’m new to the place but it was fun to learn something new with friends. I met so many great mind there.
Organize workshop for 50 people was another nightmare for me. I failed to properly host and take care the program, to articulate the conversation and dialogue with participants, our organizer team was super tired, next year I will try to plan and prepare better.


I continue moving stuffs to new place, unfinished nightmare continues. And prepare my trip.
I was at a tough spot financially, I have to advance money to pay for my trip to Montreal and Busan, I got a residency in Montreal and invited to exhibit works and give a talk in Busan, I combine 2 trips together to safe money,


flying to Montreal via New Year is the most budget option since I book the ticket quite late, Thanks to Fame and Keng who hosted me and gave me such an amazing impression in New York, though it was raining bad, cold but I had a great memory. New York, I wish to return.

Montreal was much quiet, calm and feel much safer than New York, people seems to dislike New York but I was excited by its energy.
We stay at 2 airbnbs a retired Physic professor and a musician Jean Claude. The beginning of autumn still not as cold, I found a place to play badminton, I can ride bicycle and shopping mall, it’s very expensive in Montreal. 600thb for a salty Krapao Kaidao.

We took Charlene’s car to the Chalet in the middle of the forest north west from the city. An hour and a half drive, there’s no train system in Canada, they said winter is too cold for the train.

The chalet was nice, A wooden cabin with a fireplace, large kitchen and dining area, I share an attic room with Robert, a retired architect, former Dean. Our works look similar in form though we never know each other before.

An intense 4 days at chalet, series of lecture, workshop, performance from researcher, neuroscientist, artists.
What make a sleeper
Spiritually connecting through blindfold and psychic writing.
Tribal sleep by Robert
Dream Science by Tory
Dayna artist talk
Slow walk by Niks
Deep listening by Natalie
Sleep and Breathing somnography by Aleks’ sister
Voval by Albertine
Design work by Clara
Ding Yun and I we presented our past works Naga Cave, Young Eel, Lunartic Dream…

I met Manon – artist and lecturer
Sandra A witch with her craft
Navid artist with his lab at concordia

I was trying to integrate into new community, It is my first entry to the scene in North America, they are very intellectual and well articulated,

I was so much inspired by the sleep salon retreat, I wish I could join some lab and work there on sleeping project.

Time to depart and another 30 hours from Montreal to Busan, a direct flight to Seoul then 3hours train to Busan, I was so hungry after arrived and I had a great fish cake and kimbab at Seoul station. I felt so strange arriving at another strange city after a long flight, I usually arrive at home in Bangkok, but then another strange place. I’ve been to Seoul several time since my journey still going.

Busan is lovely city, nice road, beach, clear sky and sea breeze in autumn, I went to set up exhibition with Eiair, I designed to make it quick and we can get it done quickly. I wish I have work that easier to sell. I always make too much experiment works. Eiair’s works was amazing, I wish people support him more. I wish I could support him myself.

I gave a talk about BioArt residency I hosted and presented some works from Thai artists that I really like, Ade and Koganecho was sharing their activity, I hope we have more collaboration in future, actually I hope to get some funding to do project there. Busan has a world expo logo 2030.

I had a chance to revisit my friends in Seoul, how their life changes after a few years, people grows and flourish in their own right. And we meet when the right time comes.

Coming home


I was joining a 2 weeks research trip in Chiangmai with Esther and others 7 group of artists, we learn from the nature, learn from each other,

Echolocation by Esther
Rice ball yeast by RBSC
Procession – walking and orange peeling by Zihan
Assembly and Inter Network – message scattering in public by Refika
Playground creation by Lihn
Skincode by Yung An
Devices of enter by Chitti
Sleep Salon by me
Cinema vipassana by LOLOLOL

I always curious about Chitti, practice. We followed him to the forest temple, I chatted with him about the practice. I had a chance to getting to know Chitti and Ann more, a conversation about life, art and meditation.

We’ve been searching for peace, through our own mean, I try to strive in the art world, my practice couldn’t strive to financial success now, but slowly I find a balance in my own creation, it’s a process of understand life, how I become better adult, mature in my temperament, as a person who can take care others, who will be better at given responsibility. It’s myself that need transform incrementally.
finding my own pace, I’ll try to enjoy every moment.

2023 will be another tough one, I foresee, I will make it, carefully and steadily,

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