2022 I hope I can handle it

I guess I feel a little bit tired today. I felt exhausted from organizing neuro exhibition last saturday, we did everything within 1 month. This is crazy,

Perhaps I should feel grateful for all opportunities I received for this year.

New collaboration pieces with Kade, and new direction for my own practises. I got a chance to show my projects.

But with small misunderstanding led to trouble attitude and disturb working mood. Think will find way.

The most difficult things is to balance, between works, relationship, family, mental health, physical health, passion, and more, IKIGAI it is.

Should I give up house renovation this year? Should I convince my parents… it will be much relief for me.

Just to remind myself that in the future and ongoing collaboration we should talk about copyright and ownership of the works to be as clear as possible. Sign the contract will be better. To prevent future dispute.

Today my harddisk also error, it’s kinda feeling suck today.

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