BioArt: Sea exhibition

The first attempt in the prototype BioArt project in Taiwan aimed to create dialogues with Artists in South East Asia.

Weed Garden in metaverse
my installation with kind support from Tiffany and Chi

It was quite difficult for me to come up with new ideas during Bangkok lockdown and curfew,
I had a few conversations with Kuangyi about Bat cuisine in Thailand, creating speculative Bat cuisine sounds fun, I also want to visit the remote area of Thailand where they still have this menu. but these ideas drop.

then We try Soil paper exchange with Mio and Tiffany, we create Soil paper with local soil and send it to each other. we want to send microbiomes to other countries. the ideas of land, soil, and microbes couldn’t push further as well.

I was inspired by a cardanotrees, they claim to create a tree that lives and grows on the blockchain, I really want to do it. but it requires programming knowledge I don’t have,

I found a platform to create a room with an environment that I want, so I decided to create a Weed Garden to connect with Tiffany’s project, weed warrior in the metaverse where people can share their images of weed, discuss their observations, and nature.

Visit Weed Garden

compatible with chrome, firefox
mobile phones and iPad are better with download apps.

Official website of the project

Opening exhibition on Nov 7, 2021 at Grassland by Tiffany

Special Thanks

Tang Fu Kuen
Hsiao Chi
Tiffany Lay

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