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I am based in Bangkok and am a co-founder of Tentacles Art Space, a member of Freaklab in Thailand, as well as a member of metaPhorest in Japan.

For the last 8 years, I have explored various concepts related to life and simulation through the investigation of technology. These incorporate ideas around synthetic biology, mixed reality, brain stimulation, and artificial intelligence. I am interested in how life forms adapt to and negotiate with changing environmental conditions, including climate, geopolitics, and geoeconomics.

I use sleep as a prism to understand and investigate life, society, culture, and technology. I create installations, performances, songs, and architecture for people to rest and reimagine their perceptions through sleep and dreams.

In the past 5 years, I have collaborated with scientists, engineers, dancers, and perfumers to create performance, installation and participatory works.

• The Lunartic Dream Project (2021): This work investigates human interplanetary desires and ideology by combining mythology and advanced technology to materialize the human-non-human dream of spreading life to other planets.

• Young Eel project (2019): I combine lab-grown meat, brainwaves, sound, and light to reanimate sleepers and transfer consciousness and memories into cloned bodies. Through an exploration of sleep and dreams, I investigate aging society and environmental concerns for human and eel populations. Young Eel is the development from Anonymassage project and Song of Naga Cave


Selected Projects / Exhibitions

24 Hr Sleep Experiment: Hibernation with MossPiglet, Huang Ding Yun
Semiconductor Dream Taipei Performing Art Center
The Lantern InSomnolence, Sociability of Sleep, Montreal
Intimacy with Nature Singapore Art Museum & Naresuan University

2022 Lunartic Dream JWD Art Space

Dance Offering Vector#2 by Dance Nucleus – Annexe Gallery,  Esplanade by the Bay, Singapore

Dance Offering                         Chang Theatre, Bangkok
Lunartic Dream                         Base Playhouse Samyan,, Bangkok

Short Circuit Bangkok Hamamatsu  Kamoe Art Center – Hamamatsu City, Japan
Pearl of Lunar                     International Space Station (ISS)– In collaboration    with Freaklab, Thailand, Synchrotron light research institute,  Space Exploration Initiatives at MIT’s Medi Lab

Young EEL                          Teratotera Art Festival, Mitaka, Tokyo
Song of Naga Cave                ADAM, Taipei Performing Art Center, Taipei
Merchants Trinity                  Colomboscope festival 2019, Srilanka

What it meant to me will eventually be a memory Banyan Commune, Times Musuem, Guangzhou, China

AnonymÆssage                     TuaTiuTiann Festival, Taipei Contemporary Art Center
AnonymÆssage                     Tokyo Performing Art Meeting, BankArtNYK, Yokohama

AnonymÆssage                     Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Halo                                        Life Muse 365, Baannorg Collaborative Art and Culture, Nongpho, Ratchaburi, Thailand               

Autopilot project                      Bangkok Art and Cultural Center,Thailand  Curated by Pichaya Suphavanij
Money Faketory                      Bangkok Art and Cultural Center, Thailand Curated by Pichaya Suphavanij

Money Faketory                      Kuandu Biennial, Kuandu Museum of Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan, Curated by Wu DarKuen
Forever and Ever                    Ver Gallery, Hotel Art Fair 2014
Nuovo Cinema Masaccio      San Giovanni Valdarno  Arezzo, Florence, Italy Curated by Pier Luigi Tazzi
Radiation                                 Chula University Art Center, Curated by Brian Curtin

Spatial Experiment                 H Project Space, H Gallery Bangkok

Radiation                                 D.A.G.C Gallery, Manila, Philippines,
Along the Fence                     Openspace Bae, Busan, South Korea          

Aiya Aiya Aiya,                        Chongqing youth art biennale, Chongqing,China     
You gotta be kiddin’ me          BKKARTHOUSE Bangkok

Another Side                  Lalanta gallery Bangkok

Love-Death                             Whitespace Gallery Bangkok
Twins                                      KaosBangkok

2020    Research on BioArts and DIYBio in Japan  

2019    Slimemold Exchange                 Connecting Through BioArts, The British Councils

2020    Japan Foundation Asia Center 2019 hosted by metaPhorest Tokyo, Japan
2019    Ongoing Art Center                Tokyo, Japan
2018    LuxeLake A4 Art Museum      Chengdu, China
2018    Biocamp                                  Tokyo, Japan
2017    Guangdong Times Musuem   Guangzhou, China
2017    Asia Discover Asia Meeting for Performance Arts     Taipei Performing Art Center
2016    Rockbund Art Museum           Shanghai, China
2015    Serrum                                    Jakarta, Indonesia
2012    Openspace Bae                      Busan, South Korea

2018    Artist Lab                                 Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Performance Arts,  Taipei Performing Art Center
2017    Mutual Unknown                     National Gallery, Jakarta Indonesia  

Artist Talk
Memoir of Unagi                        BioArts Sea, Taiwan
Animism and Virtual Reality       Fabcafe, Bangkok
Art & Space Exploration             Bangkok International Performing Art Meeting
Synthetic Biology & Art              Interdisciplinarty department,Chiangmai Univerisity
Art & Space Exploration             World Space Week Thailand
Art & Space Technology            Department of Fine Arts, Bangkok University

Methodology and Principles in Curating and Facilitating Collaboration      Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai China

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