Dream Telepathy

Dream Telepathy

Today, dreams may be the only thing in the world that is out of global control and digital surveillance. Being free to dream seems like the last utopia in our daily lives.

Dreams can be surrealistic and out-of-logic and don’t need to take any moral duty for laws and social norms even if the content of dreams is highly correlated to the generator(person)’s experiences. It’s a mirror reflecting our mental episodes and also the secret lawless retreat cultivated by each of us.

In terms of recent reports, scientists found that, while we are sleeping, our bodies are kept sensing the environment and our brain is highly active as we awake . Besides, the content of dreams is also correlated to the ‘sleeping body’ in the environment. The sleeping body, on the other hand, is an interface receiving signals from outside and influences our brains to generate dreams as well. In the assumption of isomorphism, ‘sleeping body’ and ‘dreaming body’ are isomorphic, the neurons impulse from interception and exteroception contribute to the dream process.

We are wondering if dreams are not a totally private and exclusive utopia to one person, if our brains are not a closure ‘machine’ to extract dreams from memories, but also are co-generated by the instant stimuli from the environment. On that day we can find the mechanism to control, manipulate and synchronise dreams. What does having dreams mean to us?

“Dream Telepathy” aims at the questions surrounding the development of dream engineering, what ethical concerns may occur. As we cross the boundaries of dreams and awakes. In the future of State surveillance. What happens in dreams should be judged by laws and regulations?

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