Happy Ending project – Biodesign Sprint 2021

1-month challenge to create a solution for world e-waste
my collaboration with Thanakrit Wongsatit ( Austin) Bio-Brain engineer Student at KAIST, South Korea, and Henry Tan

The “Happy Ending” project is a Cutin-based coating design for Nanocellulose or plant-based PCBs. Cutin is a lipid naturally found on plant leaves to reduce water loss. Cutin can sprayed as a monomer before being polymerized by thermal curing. with Voice activation will send electricity to the tank to trigger the release of an enzyme to digest the cutin coating, preparing the PCB for water/bio degrading processes.

Thanakrit Wongsatit, Henry Tan

Georg told me about this competition in the meeting,
I invited Prompt and Austin to join me, of course, I don’t have much knowledge in Biology but let’s give it a try,

This year’s brief on e-waste is from Google, I know that Google is seeking a solution from the community, anyway, we paid $50 each to participate in the nonstudent track.

Austin, Prompt, and I both have little knowledge about electronics and PCB, our first idea is to create a way that can turn earwax or grease from our body that contact with our phone into a way to clean and clear dust in our phone,
we left it thereafter join the intro session, they focus more on reducing e-waste or finding new materials for their products.

The team asked us to remove the interacting part with the device, they said I distracted the judge from our idea, but we insisted to keep it.

semi final round, I felt positive from the judge feedback, but we didn’t get through the final round.

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