metaPhorest seminar 60th – Taste Transfer

I invited Prof. Hideyuki Ando and Hitomi Takenouchi to give a talk about their development of HER TASTE comic project,

Is it possible that we can transfer or stimulate taste for other.

Prof. Ando invent an electric stimulation tools that deploy light electric stimulation to induce the sense of taste,

The different result from anode or cathode system, and the study of the strength of different molecular stimulation.

I designed the mouth pieces that would control people taste reception, inspired by a parasite living on the fish tongue.
It is quite painful to think about torturing and controlling other via their tongue.

Hitomi also share about difficulties in communication when working with researcher or expert, how can they efficiently elaborate their knowledge and mutually understand each other.

Taste stimulation seems very sad for the future, but sensory stimulation can be powerful for triggering or implanting memories.

Prof. Ando also talk about concept of well being when we articulate ideas for future technology, well being as an anthropomorphic view, but well being of who or how can we ensure the well being is equally share, as a socialist view or as hedonist.

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