2013 – 2021
Brain Stimulation, Body Transformation, Mind Modulation
Electric and Sensory Stimulation

AnonymÆssage Silom 2021

Songs of Naga Cave, 2019,
commissioned by Wonderfruit Festival Pattaya

60 mins Herbal Sonification
Sound Temple 7Wx10Lx5H meter
Sound Bed 185×75 cm
Ritual performance

Herbal mixture (Turmaric, Cassumunar Ginger, Kaffir lime(Citrus), white clay filler, Brown Sugar, scented water, Camphor) 

Naga, Mythological creature from the underworld, the weapon of Shiva that could destroy the world if awaken.
Naga governs water on the world and inside our body. Human body comprise of water and microbes of more than 60%.
The energy and chanting are transferred through sound and light frequency, 
The Ritual take people to physical and mind transformation journey to the underworld with herbal fermentation, mummified and vibroacoustic. 
Experience the transformation based on your body elements. 
Return, rebirth and rejuvenate as your brian, body and mind has been replenished.

Let’s Naga modulate your body and soul.

Mouth of Naga – Sound Temple – Steel and recycled plastic bags

Henri, Kedo, Huang Ding Yun, Xia Lin, Sheryl Cheung, Din Chan, Pavida, Eeair, Marquez

Designer and Construction
Studio Ke.Th

Thank you 
Bow and Wonderfruit

Song of the Naga Cave, 2019, Taipei
In collaboration with Future Tao
commissioned by
Asia Discover Asia Meeting for Performance Arts
Taipei Performing Art Center

contemporary sensibilities associated with the mythologies, healing practices and ontological views indigenous to South East Asia. 

Synchronisation with the world

Anonymassage 2017, Taipei,
Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Queer Me, – curated by Yu Cheng Da

Anonymassage 2017, BankArt Yokohama
Samut Thai, TPAM, curated by Tang Fu Kuen

Anonymassage 2016
Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai – curated by Li Qi

Anonymassage 2013
H Project Space, H Gallery Bangkok – Curated by Brian Curtin

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