Dance Offering

2022 Dance Offering, 90 mins performance, Dance, VR, AudioVisual – Annexe Studio at Esplanade, Singapore

Work in progress, Performance production in collaboration with Kornkarn Rungsawang, Sufee Yama

Dance Offering is a semi-ceremonious performance that is at the heart of Thai society’s belief system. Based on Thai classical dance as a means of negotiating with God to get a pledge or deeds returned.

Dance Offering usually perform at temple or shrine where the prayer hire dancers to perform dance offering. We are investigating the feasibility of extending this ritual into a digital format and the metaverse in this project.

Offering objects, Zebra, Chick, Elephant – generated by DALLE A.I. model
design Digital Shrine with Multibrush VR
design Digital Shrine with Multibrush VR
Morphing mind and space between reality and spiritual
Study of Thai Classical Dance “HongLeeLa” movement in 3d axis
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