Lunartic Dream

Installation, Lunarium, Mycelium, Lunar rock, 8mins 2 channel Videos

8mins – 2 channel videos

Lunarium and the psychedelic mushroom – durational timelapse growth during the exhibition

Lunartic Dream at BasePlayhouse Bangkok
supported by Japan Foundation Bangkok

#Dreamvisualization #VR #Moonsurface #ARsandbox #Syntheticbiology #memoryarchitecture

Inspired by the story of Princess Kaguya, we arrived at the gloomy Von Karman crater on the dark side of the moon, the princess senescence under the cosmic ray, her memory of life on earth solidified as regolith remnants. We must terraform regoliths into a primordial soup and bring the princess into life. Plant and Bacteria experimentation with lab-grade lunar regoliths and Primordial soup will display at the exhibition. The participants will undertake moon ventures and plan the rescue mission with your friends through virtual-reality exploration then modify the land condition using interactive augmented-reality moon sandbox. Finally, print your memory as a three-dimensional form using brain waves and moon dust. 

  • After returning to the Moon, Princess lost her memory.
  • Moon Rock Architectures are where her memories are kept.
  • By terraforming Moon with earth microbes, you can resurrect Princess memories.
  • The Moon has been inhabited by microbes, Princess memories have been restored, and life has flourished on the Moon.


In January 2019, ChangE 4 Lunar Lander landed at the station Tianhe at Von Karman crater on the darkside of the moon
Princess Kaguya is imprisoned with cosmic ray at the landing point of ChangE 4

VR Concept & Design

Character Design – Princess and Rabbit

VR landscape details

Sound Design by Masahiko Hasebe

Brainwave emotion -> 3d Architecure

How memory consolidated inside our brain?

Dancing in the Primordial Soup workshop – collaboration with Kornkarn Rungsawang, Sufee Yama
Celebrate new life on the Moon

Team Members
Henry Tan, Masato Takemura, Kazue Suzuki,
Mashiko Hasebe, Jutamad Thammatonsiri, Sufee Yama,
Tanis Phongphisantham, Prompt Suatim

Special Thanks
Puey Ounjai Laboratory, Mahidol University, Ponlawoot Raksat,
Tanatchakorn Asawasriworanan, Kanpong Boonthaworn, Sirawaj Itthipuripat,
Pornphun Sutthiprapha, Spacezab company,,
TheVRguy, Kornkarn Rungsawang, Nuchanath Na-art

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