Short Circuit

Short Circuit – Hamamatsu Bangkok 2019 is a remote residency by Henry Tan (Bangkok) and Fablab Hamamatsu (Hamamatsu)
Exhibit at Kamoe Art Center, Hamamatsu, Japan supported by Hamamatsu City grant

Can we be present in different places at the same time?
“Short Circuit” project is an attempt to create the possibility to connect people across locations with IoT (Internet of Things).
With this technology, artists are able to control artwork or
performance from distances and artists are able to be controlled by audiences reciprocally.

Artwork can be performed anywhere similar to the jobs being performed remotely and executed by machines at another end.
The question of physical presence.
Can we have lunch with a friend in one place, read a book with family in one place, have a work meeting in one place, and take a long sleep in one place, all happen at the same time.

Wouldn’t it be great that time isn’t our constraint?Bangkok and Hamamatsu is our first experiment.
Perhaps we can touch each other and smell the autumn rain

Henry Tan

This project is our big challenge to show the possibility of FabLab. FabLab has a philosophy to create a platform that people can
collaborate beyond geographical distances by using Digital
Fabrication and technology. Through this project, we tried to
realize the “Artist-in-Residence” project remotely.
Of course, it’s strange to say “in residence” as the artist didn’t stay here physically, however, we wanted to find a new way of
communication under the current situation. We tried to deliver Hamamatsu’s atmosphere to the artist in Thailand, Henry.
We started from the online meeting to get to know each city.
We also delivered the sounds from Hamamatsu to Henry online. We had tons of online meetings and chatting on Facebook.
As a result, we produced artworks we exhibited here according to Henry’s direction. Although we still want to meet each other in person,
we now feel that we created things together so far. We are looking forward to welcoming visitors and seeing them communicating with Henry through the artworks we created together.
After everything finishes, we may think that “Oh, did Henry stay in
Hamamatsu actually during summer and autumn 2020, didn’t he?”.

Masato Takemura (Fablab Hamamatsu TAKE-SPACE)

Remote Sensing and Consciousness transfer between Hamamatsu – Bangkok


Design and Production

Sound record of Hamamatsu city from Ueyama Tomoko (artist in residence at Kamoe art center kindly allow us to use her sound record)
The sound from Hamamatsu is triggered and sent to Thailand
Bangkok Sound field records by Henry Tan – transfer Bangkok atmosphere to audiences at Kamoe Art Center

Organizer: Fablab Hamamatsu TAKE-SPACE
Support: Kamoe Art Center Hamamatsu

Henry Tan, Masato Takemura, Masahiko Hasebe, Tetsuya Kanja,
Kazue Suzuki, Jutamad Thammatonsiri
(waving chair) Kengo Takagi, Imaizumi Ryo
(otto robots) Yoshimasa Suda, Tatsuhiro Oikawa
(special thanks) Tomoko Ueyama (sound of Hamamatsu)
Debra Grace Peri

Grant Support by Hamamatsu Creative City Promotion Grant

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