Young EEL

2019 – Ongoing
1st iteration location: Ongaku no Jikan, Mitaka – Teratotera Art Festival, Tokyo, Japan
60 mins performance

Ueda Kazuki – 60mins performance – Kyushu, Kumamoto
Childhood memory, Future Dream, Melon, Tram way, Gingko crushed on the street, Ezu-Lake

Young Eel project, Henry combines lab-grown meat, brainwave sound, and light to stimulate sleepers and transfer consciousness and memories into cloned bodies, raising questions about aging society and “environmental” concerns for human and eel populations.

Is it possible to transfer our memories and consciousness to our future selves as we are cloned or grown in the lab?

#Demographic Control #Lab-Grown EEL #Ageing Society #Brain sensing #Memory Sculpture #Olfactory #Hypnagogia Dreaming – Kumamoto, Yamagata, Shinjuku

EEL RAP song

Unagi population is declining, if we aren’t trying our species is dying
Floating in the water like a therapy.
I just want to live my life happily
Aren’t we all Unagi have the same destiny?

Who are you tellin us our life should be, you needy. so pity.
Staying as Larvae isn’t my Karma
Bcuz you killin’ all our papa and mama my life so so trauma
You made me such a robot persona
Don’t be drama and go eat other fish at Fukushima

I don’t want to be your grilled Unagi
I respected all the rules you gave me in society
What else do you want from us young baby
I refuse to become your restaurant delicacy

Stuck in my moment, I don’t need your comment.
Just hearing you bullshittin already my torment.
Everyday working our ass to pay up the rent.
Just hopin future we dont live in a freakin tent.

Japanese Eel, Anguilla Japonica life cycle

Population Crisis

Overfishing and contaminated water in the ocean are destroying habitats, disrupting spawning processes, and threatening the eels’ growing environment. Natural eel populations in Japan have been rapidly falling in recent years, and the government is attempting to cultivate eels to meet local demand. Using IPS (stem cells) and cutting-edge biotechnology, we can now create Eel meat in the lab in any shape or size.
Can lab-grown meat take the place of traditional eel consumption?
What memories does lab-grown beef conjure up for you?
What will happen if the government uses biotechnology to manage the demography of the human population?

Why don’t we want to have a baby in our aging society?
Our civilization is polluted like a poisoned ocean; young unagi, like humans, do not want to mature and create progeny.

Childhood smell design

Performance photos

Kazuki Ueda (Ministry of Agriculture – Fishery Department)
Satoshi Kikuchi (Music producer)
Yuta Izunezimi (Urban designer)
Mika Kikuchi (Website designer – Sound designer)
Kana Goto (Chemist – Singer / Pianist)
Momo Naito 
Henry Tan

Thank you
Ongoing Art Center
Nozomu Ongawa
Yuna Mori
Debra Grace Peri
Thana Sangarunsong

Teratotera Festival

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