Will I

I lost a friend to learn how to move forward, I met a friend who push me to think about my practice, I learn my limit, my wits aren’t sharp as I wish, my reading of the world, the relation, the atmosphere are far too slow, my instinct did led me into the circumstance that require luck

I m going to show new work in Singapore next week,

it took me almost 2 years to regain my strength on my leg and arm muscles, i can move fast as I want, I have to be careful of my knees as I hope it will last in this condition as long as it can be,

When I can move fast, I can wait a little longer, just a few more second to think where I can hit next, what is the smartest or most fun to play, i can trick opponent and solve problems, I must keep the body strong without that my mind will be weak.

I must keep my stomach healthy otherwise pain will distract all my thoughts and ideas.

My life is drifting with the opportunities that took me, like a seed that glide with the uncertain breeze, fly high and plummet low.

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